At the end of a divorce, child custody is one of the most important issues. Both parents want to spend as much time with their children as possible. So how do parents determine who gets primary custody and what specific visitation rights each parent will have? That’s where an experienced child custody lawyer comes in. They can walk you through your state’s laws on child custody, help you understand your rights, and draft up any necessary agreements or legal documents so that both parents know what the other has visitation rights to and when those rights start and end.

If you live in Springfield and are going through a divorce, it’s important to find a child custody attorney who understands your needs. This article details some things to look for in a great child custody lawyer so you can feel confident in your upcoming meeting with them.

What are Child Custody Lawyers Springfield MO?

Many types of professionals help people in Springfield with their custody questions. For example, there are lawyers and lawyers. A lawyer is someone who has been trained to work in a specific field, use the legal system, and have a set of ethics to abide by. However, many people call an attorney a “custody lawyer” because that’s what they do for a living. An attorney handles different issues than a general lawyer, but both types of lawyers can benefit your case.

Who does a Child Custody Lawyers help?

A child custody lawyer helps the parents of the child. Sometimes, a third party can be involved in the process, such as grandparents or local community members. Any adult who is not living with the child and has an interest in that child can use a custody lawyer’s services.

Examples of cases that Child Custody Lawyers deal with

Child custody can be a difficult issue to get through, especially in cases where the parents don’t want to work together. Here are some examples of cases that Child Custody Lawyers Springfield MO deal with:

A couple has a child but then decides to get a divorce. Each parent wants full custody of their only child.

Two parents have decided to separate but haven’t gotten around to working out an agreement on custody and visitation rights. Neither parent is willing to budge on their position, so the case goes to trial before a judge for him or to decide who will be granted primary custody over the children in question.

An absent parent wants custody of their child. They haven’t seen the child in years and wants to be more involved in the child’s life now that they are older.

Non-parental relatives are fighting for custody of a grandchild, such as grandparents. In some states, grandparents can petition for custody if there isn’t a guardian appointed for the child. They may need to prove that there is no one else who can care for the child properly before the court will grant them guardianship.


To get the best possible outcome in your custody case, you must find a child custody lawyer who knows the laws and courts of your state. Ideally, this lawyer has experience with the specific situation you are facing and can draft up any necessary documents for use in court. During their meeting with you, this child custody lawyer should be able to answer any of your questions about child custody and make recommendations as to how to move forward legally.