Probate is a process that must be completed after the death of an individual. This process involves the distribution of the deceased’s assets and property. As such, probate attorneys are needed to help manage the deceased’s estate. If you are looking for an estate attorney in Las Vegas, NV, continue reading to learn more.

In general, probate is a legal process that is used to transfer someone’s property after they die. The probate process is initiated by a person who decides to take responsibility for the deceased person’s estate; this person is known as an “executor” or “administrator” of the estate. The executor or administrator will file necessary documents with a court so they can officially take over as trustee of that person’s estate. Probate lawyers are essential at every step while handling a client’s estate as they have access to knowledge of both state and federal law when it comes to overseeing an estate’s every move.


Who is a Las Vegas Probate Lawyer?

A probate lawyer is a person who specializes in the process of probate. The duties of a probate lawyer include drafting legal documents and representing you in court or with other governing agencies. A Las Vegas probate lawyer is an attorney that handles much more than just these duties.

Issues involving estate planning can be complicated and time-consuming, and it takes experience to know how to properly handle these types of cases. In Nevada, there are specific forms that must be submitted to state courts when preparing an estate plan especially if the decedent died without having completed any form of estate planning such as a will or trust; this means there are many different issues that need to be addressed during the probate process.


Who do Las Vegas Probate Lawyers help?

Probate lawyers are the ones who handle the probate cases, especially when it’s the estates of people who died without leaving behind a will. If someone has died without leaving behind a will and had no valid will, an administrator must be appointed to settle their estate to determine how their property is distributed.

Probate lawyers help families and heirs settle the estate by overseeing every aspect of the process, from filing all legal documents to ensuring property distribution. The probate lawyers can also obtain official court decrees and disbursal letters for clients for them to have access to their inherited properties and bank accounts. In addition, probate lawyers advise on inheritance, personal property, and gift tax laws.


Examples of cases that Las Vegas Probate Lawyers deal with

  1. A person dies without leaving behind a will
  2. A person dies leaving a valid will but has not left any instructions for their estate
  3. A person dies having a contingent will that was not upheld during the probate process
  4. A person dies and has no beneficiaries specified in their will or trust for inheritances
  5. A person wants to add individuals to their existing trust or estate plan that was created before the individual’s death.


Where can you find more information about Las Vegas Probate Lawyers

The Nevada Probate Lawyer’s Association site has lots of information on probate lawyers, probate attorneys, and estate planning, as well as the forms that must be filed in a probate case. As mentioned above, if you are researching Las Vegas Probate Lawyers, you can check out their website.